who i've worked with

A few notable lovely people and brands I've had a pleasure of working with.

Vince Luciani - The Legacy Coaching

This, is Vince Luciani - founder of The Legacy Coaching, a brand based around guiding athletes to define not what they do, or how many goals they score, rather who they are. This program is built to lead athletes to gain a more insightful understanding of their purpose beyond the field. Vince has worked with teams from the NCAA and CFL. You check out Vince's instagram here.

You have no idea what your legacy will be. Your legacy is what you do every day. Your legacy is every life you’ve touched, every person whose life was either moved or not. It’s every person you’ve harmed or helped. That’s your legacy.
— Maya Angelou
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 I had the pleasure of working with Vince when he came to Wilfrid Laurier University for a Legacy Workshop. Getting to know Vince, I could sense how genuine this person was about helping people. Doing this shoot, I tried to capture his empathic nature, as well as the strength he has, prescence he carries, and knowledge he has about coaching, self-discovery, and athletes. 

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The Hodgetwins

These two may be familiar to you if you've browsed deep enough into the depths of YouTube. They are not only YouTubers with over 5 million subscribers, but standup comedians and Fitness Gurus as well. Keith and Kevin Hodge post videos about fitness and nutrition, vlogs, and most famously, their Ask Hodgetwins channel, which features hundreds of videos of the twins giving their 'whole-hearted' advice to fellow fans who submit questions for the two of them to answer in quite the comical manner, to put it gently. 


Being a long time fan and subscriber of the Hodgetwins, I was lucky enough to had met and befriended them. At one of their shows, my goal was to capture the comedic "spark" between the two of them. The moment they're on stage performing, their personalities exude and the magic begins. Bouncing back and forth off one another, one cannot help but laugh at their sheer... ridiculousness!


The moment ones face lights up the second a purely genius comedic thought comes to their minds was the moment I tried to catch during this shoot.



Lululemon has always been a brand I supported. Aside from owning about half of the collection, I have always been a fan of the message promoted by the company. To sweat, be positive, and connect with others! 


The store opening in Waterloo was such an exciting atmosphere.


Alena Luciani - Training2XL